QuickBooks and Profit Improvement Coaching for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to starting and running their businesses, business owners know what they want to do, and it isn't accounting, budgeting, etc.

Hi, I'm David and I love helping business owners run their businesses for profit, cash flow, and value. 

Assistance With Point of Sale

Needing assistance with a Point Of Sale client, David was very helpful, knowledgeable and great to work with. Thank you very much for all your help, David!

Dale G. ... Owner

David Is My Go To Person

David has helped me at several businesses I have worked for and is always my go to person for QB and Payroll expertise. He is very patient and always a great help. He is very knowledgeable. Thanks, David!

Sandy V. ... Bookkeeper

Saved me after a Complete Crash

Mr. Maher is the only absolute authority I have ever met on QuickBooks. You have some people who know this and others who can help with that, but Mr. Maher knows his stuff, every nook and cranny. My computer crashed, taking all my QuickBooks info from the beginning of our business in 1989, with it. He helped, no- he actually did all the work, getting our business going again. He is very friendly and professional, kind of like a professor, but one who you can be friends with.

Ryan H. ... Owner