​​​​Terms & Conditions

Billing Policies

The following guidelines will be used, for billing purposes for all clients and customers of GG Technologies.

Scope of Services

Services provided shall include, but not be limited to, all time spent on behalf of a client, regardless of location, in person, remotely by Internet, or by phone, in the following activities: QuickBooks consulting, programming, training, education, equipment setup, hardware and software configuration, diagnostic analysis, technical or business evaluation, recommendations, documentation, research, project management, status and updating, planning, coordination, troubleshooting, advise and consultation.

Normal Hours Billing Policy

Normal hours are 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday Through Friday. The office will be closed for Government/Banking Holidays and other times at the discretion of management.

Services performed before or after normal business hours, during the work week, will be billed at one and a half (1.5) times the hourly rate that would be normally in effect. For example, if the hourly rate is $150.00/hour, one hour service performed at 7:00 PM on a work day is billed at $225.00 ($150.00 times 1.5).

Services performed on weekends and/or holidays will be billed at three (3) times the normal hourly rate.

Activity Time Billing Policy

Each billable activity ("Activity Time") will be billed in minimum increments of one-quarter of an hour per activity (i.e., in fifteen (15) minute increments). Time shall be rounded-up to the nearest one-quarter of an hour. For example, if a phone call lasts 10 minutes, time will round-up the to 15 minutes (one 1/4 of an hour increment).

Billable time begins at the time services begin to be performed or the appointment time, whichever is earlier. For example, a client makes an appointment for 10:00 am. The consultant arrives at 9:50 am. Due to client issues, work does not begin until 10:15 am. Billable time will begin at 10:00 am. Using the same scenario, but work begins at 9:50 am; billable time begins at 9:50 am.

Travel Time Billing Policy

The client shall be invoiced for travel time when said travel is conducted for the benefit of that client. This time will include travel to and from a client site or another location for the conduct of consulting or training services.

Travel time will be invoiced at one half (½) of the hourly rate for consulting time using the standard or discount rate appropriate for that client.

Example: The client’s billing rate is $150 for QuickBooks Training services. The consultant travels to the client after work on day 1, departing at 6:00 pm and arriving by car at a hotel near the client location at 9:00 pm. The consultant spends 6 hours at the client facility on day 2 (8:00 am to 2:00 pm) then departs the client and travels to the consultants home office, arriving at 5:00 pm. The client may be invoiced for: 6 hours consulting time ($150/hr) and 6 hours of travel time ($75.00/hr), for a total of $1350.00 plus mileage.

Direct Expense Billing Policy

The client may be invoiced for all direct expenses associated with providing consulting or training services. These expenses will be invoiced at cost without markup.

Direct expenses (at reasonable costs) may include and are not limited to:

  1. personal vehicle charges including: mileage charged at the IRS mileage rate in effect at the time, tolls, and parking
  2. air travel charges including: airfare (un-restricted coach fare), ticket agent fees, parking at airport, baggage carts, baggage storage
  3. lodging and meal costs including: room fee with taxes and surcharges, tips, vehicle parking
  4. rental car charges including: rental fee, fuel, insurance
  5. other travel charges including: shuttle/taxi services
  6. shipping costs including: FedEx, UPS, or USPS
  7. equipment specifically required to complete tasks for the client including technical equipment and accessories, computers, software, video/audio systems for presentations, and telecommunication systems.
  8. bank fees for returned payments

Introductory Training Service

The introductory training service is a discounted service available to first-time clients of GG Technologies. When scheduling an appointment, a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be required, or you may pay the full amount. The balance is due at the appointment time, if not paid when scheduled.

Payment for Services

Payment is due and expected when services are rendered. A sales receipt will be emailed to client upon consultant’s returning to the office. An invoice or sales receipt may be provided at the time payment is made if Internet access is available and the client requests one.

Hourly Rate Projects - All clients will be invoiced, at the current billable rate, in time increments of a quarter of an hour (0.25 hour) for all time spent as defined in “Scope of Services” above.

Retainers - A retainer will be required for clients who have ongoing support requests on an hourly basis. The initial retainer will be for four (4) hours and applied to services only. Any other expenses will be billed directly as stated above. A new retainer will be invoiced once the retainer balance falls below the balance required to cover one service hour. In lieu of a retainer, clients may sign a credit card payment authorization which will be charged as services are rendered.

Discounted Prepaid Support/Training Agreements - All clients will be invoiced for the block of time they specify prior to any work or meetings being scheduled. Time is tracked and used in time increments of a quarter of an hour (0.25 hour) for all time spent as defined in “Scope of Services” above. Discounts offered are 10% for a 10 hour agreement, or 20% for a 20 hour agreement.

Fixed Cost Project – All clients will be invoiced per the fixed cost project estimate unless specified other wise in the “Terms” of the specified project.

Monthly repeat clients with fixed price service agreements - Clients will provide credit card payment authorization for services to be charged each month be on or about the 25th for the following month.

Returned Payment Charge - A returned payment will incur a $50.00 fee plus any related bank or processor charges related to the transaction. This fee will be added to the amount due, and is payable upon receipt. In the event there are more than 2 returned payments, the client will be required to pay in advance for all work or expected charges. In the event of a contract for services, payment in full will be required before work begins, monthly payment options will not be available.

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